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Every year since 1986, we have published two biannual issues of Hand Papermaking magazine, resulting in a unique 35-year repository of information and inspiration on the art and craft of hand papermaking. Each issue features articles on a variety of topics within the field, including contemporary artistic approaches, craft techniques, historical topics, international developments, and educational initiatives. Articles are written by experts in the field and by notable practitioners who offer fresh and diverse perspectives. Each magazine includes at least one unique sample of handmade paper tipped into its pages.

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Summer 2021
Oral Histories
Oral Histories

In this issue we explore Oral Histories, how they differ from, complement, and in many instances offer on-the-spot revelations that do not reveal themselves as readily in traditional writing destined for print. Recording the life stories of our practitioners via interviewing and conversation is a critical way to document a person’s lifework, to track the progress of a field, and to get to heart-truths that emerge in the moment when people sit together and talk. Oral histories have also been a way to center marginalized voices and preserve the stories of those underrecognized in their time.

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