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Summer 2023

Color and Paper

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About this Issue

The Summer 2023 issue delves into Color and Paper: How are artists working in paper and pulp and using pigments and dyes to achieve a range of aesthetic qualities and express mood, light, and cultural meaning?

Articles include:

  • A celebration of the publication of Hand Papermaking’s limited-edition paper portfolio, The Language of Color.
  • A primer on color science for hand papermakers by artist paint formulator Ulysses Jackson.
  • A look at why and how various artists and papermakers—such as Mary Heebner, Cheryl D. Edwards, Maribel Portela, Mary Hark, Sarah Schlosser, Hannah O’Hare Bennett, Atelier Retailles (sample), Cave Paper (sample)—fuse color to paper and pulp, or find their palette using raw materials.
  • A survey by Heather Kohlmeier of the history of indigo and its use in paper by contemporary artists.
  • And Megan Singleton's take on a new book edited by Radha Pandey, which documents natural dyes and paper dyeing around the world.

Articles in this Issue