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About the Organization

Hand Papermaking is a nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing traditional and contemporary ideas in the art of making paper by hand.

For over three decades, Hand Papermaking has presented the finest contemporary practices and richest traditions in the field of hand papermaking. As the nonprofit journal of record for a worldwide community, the biannual magazine, quarterly newsletter, and handmade-paper portfolios reaffirm, celebrate, and advance the art and practice of hand papermaking by both documenting the history of the craft and presenting the current state of papermaking. 

Become a subscriber to Hand Papermaking magazine and enjoy the handmade paper tip-ins along with the informative articles and stunning full-color photos. Buy a themed portfolio of paper and spend time with works by renowned national and international artists. Read our quarterly newsletter and hear about the latest workshops and calls for entry. Follow us on Instagram and watch live interviews with the most vibrant papermaking artists working today. 

As a member of the Hand Papermaking community, you will gain access to information about critical practices, tools, and resources in the field of hand papermaking. Whether you’re a papermaker, artist, historian, conservator, or simply in love with handmade paper, Hand Papermaking’s print and online publications connect you with a diverse, international community centered on making paper by hand, directly and tangibly. And they provide you with the inspiration to reinvent, regenerate, and advance the field.