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Winter 2019

International Connections

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About this Issue

To celebrate and enhance the global paper commons, for the Winter 2019 (Volume 34, Number 2) issue of Hand Papermaking we invited colleagues to identify a papermaker or artist outside of their home countries to profile or interview, to create a collection of International Connections for this issue of the magazine.

Helen Hiebert (US) interviews papermaker Gangolf Ulbricht (Germany)

Michael Durgin (US, currently in Germany) speaks with Italian artist Riccardo Ajossa

Emily Duong (US) writes about the paper artwork of Miriam Londoño (Colombia)

Radha Pandey (US/India/Norway) introduces us to Iranian papermaker Ali Pezeshk; accompanied by a sample of his Iranian wheat straw paper

Aimee Lee (US) profiles Argentinian papermaker and toolmaker Alejandro Geiler

Argentinian papermaker/artist Vicky Sigwald interviews Maureen Richardson (UK)

Susan Gosin (US) writes about traveling in India with Victòria Rabal (Spain) and Anne Vilsbøll (Denmark)

Anne Vilsbøll tells us about a German company developing Neptune balls as a sustainable insulating material

Victòria Rabal reports on a new generation of papermakers in Aoya, Japan

Amanda Degener (US) and Peng Wu (Chinese, living in the US) present the artwork of Miki Nakamura (Japanese, living in France)

Donna Koretsky (US), Winifred Lutz (US), Tin Tin Nyo (Burmese, living in the US), and Wu Zeng Ou (China) memorialize our beloved international paper historian Elaine Koretsky (US, 1932–2018)

Lisa Miles (US) contributes her interview with Tedi Permadi (Indonesia), with a sample of hand-beaten daluang paper

Sylvia Albro reviews Tim Barrett’s European Hand Papermaking


May Babcock gives us her take on the exhibition “Pulparazzi: Painting with Paper”

Articles in this Issue