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Winter 2022

Howardena Pindell / Shop Talk

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About this Issue

The Winter 2022 issue of Hand Papermaking magazine centers and celebrates stunning new work in handmade paper by legendary Black Woman artist Howardena Pindell, along with a series of Shop Talk articles by artists sharing their methods, recipes, and instructions covering a range of low- and high-tech studio solutions in their papermaking practice.

The issue begins with an in-depth exclusive interview with Howardena Pindell by Hand Papermaking’s 2021–22 Black Writers Fellow Payton Harris-Woodard. They discuss Pindell’s early handmade-paper pieces from the 1970s, her views on abstraction and Black portraiture, and the works that are being created in her current long-term residency at Dieu Donné in New York.

To segue into the Shop Talk articles, Nazanin Noroozi talks about the essential tools used on the Howardena Pindell project at Dieu Donné.

Peter Thomas describes his studio paraphernalia for pulling paper.

Aimee Lee provides instructions on how to sew a papermaking apron.

Hannah O’Hare Bennett shares an array of her improvised papermaking techniques, accompanied by a sample of her “Splash” paper.

Nicole Donnelly contributes two shop-talk pieces: how to control water in a room without a floor drain and her stencil-registration system.

Beatrix Mapalagama discusses techniques for making watermarks and embossments.

Kelsey Voy and Derick Wycherly explain how they build patterns in pulp.

Brian Queen reports on his experiments making chiaroscuro 3-D printed watermark moulds, with watermark paper sample.

Articles in this Issue