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Summer 2024

Letters and Correspondence [Coming Soon!]

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About this Issue

Letters and Correspondence [Coming Soon!]

The theme of this issue of Hand Papermaking is Letters and Correspondence. In this issue, we look to letters and the many forms they can take on paper. Amélie Couvrat Desvergnes starts the issue with an examination of letters by the nineteenth-century botanist Victor Jacquemont sent during his travels in India; the correspondence often contained sidebar comments about the paper on which he was writing. Hanne Frey Husø shares a deeply personal essay about a vulnerable moment in her life and a letter poem in which gratitude is expressed in “fantasy” paper flowers. Hand Papermaking Black Writers Fellowship–Researcher sadé powell writes an open letter, calling on the field to create more papermaking opportunities for black emerging artists.

And there is much more: Two paper samples — one from Claire Van Vliet, and one from Katie MacGregor; interviews and features with several artists; reviews of books about paper, and on and on! We will share more detailed info very soon!!

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