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Richard Tuttle: Can Paper Be the Thing/Recorded and Stored?

Summer 2018
Summer 2018
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On October 27, 2017, Dieu Donné honored the extraordinary artist Richard Tuttle at our annual benefit event hosted by Pace Gallery, New York. From the moment we began planning the event, Richard's goal was clear: to "open" the world of paper. In his inimitably clear and subtle way, he did so through his visual work and his words. Richard selected a small grouping, from the many paperworks he has produced over the years, to be installed during the event—three works created at Dieu Donné in collaboration with Artistic Director Paul Wong; and several other works published by colleagues at The Brodsky Center and at ULAE (United Artist Limited Editions); along with related ephemera.
Those of us who have worked with Richard have been privileged not only to experience his art making, but also to share in enlightening discussions as he weaves eclectic thoughts to draw meaningful connections. Paper is the Thing was written by Tuttle for our celebration and read aloud to a spirited room of colleagues, artists, and enthusiasts. Through this lyrical text Tuttle provides you, the reader, with an invitation to the incredible world that can be found in a sheet of paper. ––Kathleen Flynn, Executive Director, Dieu Donné New York

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summer 2018 - 45 Can Paper Be the Thing Recorded and Stored? You may not think You need to know About paper. But Paper needs to know About you. Paper Products envelop The world—Even More than textiles, Paper remains a Hidden identity, One expressing it- Self in countless Variations. Among Those, it is odd we Notice handmade Examples more Than machine made, Individual sheets More than mass Produce; one, meant To appear, the other, To disappear. What Else is like this? How Can one word—paper— Say so much, the word Borders on meaning- Lessness?... Why it can- Not become meaning- Less, is because we need it to "see" our ideas— Imagine a world where There is no place to re- Cord your ideas! Of Course, we speak of "A paperless world," Because we can record And store some ideas electronically. Yet There is more hard copy Than ever before, more Ink generated marking More paper. For some, This signals the specific Truths of the handmade Paper…, for, what is the Tooth of paper? How Much spring back? How Does the grain lie? All Specific qualities, going In a different direction Than all, more limited Cousins, made charac- Terless, as if longing To be forgotten… These Two are BOTH, "paper"… What an exciting world, Where every paper asks You, who you are, what Idea you want to store. For "somewhere" is the Complete field of paper— (that we have to keep And enlarge). There Is a paper for every one Of your (and everyone's) Ideas. Under recognized, Like the feminine, paper is truly a Dieu Donn., primary, not secondary: So much starts and ends With paper. I would like To store and record the Genius of paper in a piece Of paper, for what greater Record and storage could Be on paper that is not In paper already, as it were? Here is some of my pro- Duct with paper. I hope they Open to an open future. Richard Tuttle for the Dieu Donné Gala, New York October 27, 2017