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Every year since 1986, we have published two biannual issues of Hand Papermaking magazine, resulting in a unique 35-year repository of information and inspiration on the art and craft of hand papermaking. Each issue features articles on a variety of topics within the field, including contemporary artistic approaches, craft techniques, historical topics, international developments, and educational initiatives. Articles are written by experts in the field and by notable practitioners who offer fresh and diverse perspectives. Each magazine includes at least one unique sample of handmade paper tipped into its pages.

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Winter 2020
Print and Handmade Paper
Print and Handmade Paper

The long history of print and paper is a rich and varied one, and guest editor Georgia Deal delves into this topic in the Winter 2020 issue. In it, we learn how contemporary artists, working at the intersection of both media, approach their work. How their paper is made, chosen, and used in their artwork is as diverse and nuanced as can be imagined. From the use of thin translucent papers to add subtlety and depth to printed images to sculptural cast paper as components of a print, each decision impacts the final work. All of these artists will likely agree that paper is as integral to the final work as the ink used and print medium employed.

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