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Winter 2013

Knowledge Custodians

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About this Issue

This issue of Hand Papermaking looks at our field's “knowledge custodians"—individuals and institutions who accumulate and propagate the skills and traditionsof handmade paper. 

Winsome Jobling acknowledges aboriginal indigenous knowledge in sourcing plants for papermaking;

Helen Frederick describes how hand papermaking provides an intersection of cultural values and economic development in China;

Paul Denhoed explains the National Treasure system in Japan; 

Sue Gosin on Paul Wong, our field's American National Treasure;  

Nicole Donnelly outlines the Hand Papermaking Community Documentation Project with a stunning foldout map of the web of connections in the hand papermaking world;

Fred Siegenthaler recounts his development of art watermarks;

Steve Miller on amate;

Robert Hauser shares a timeline of the history of Busyhaus Associates with an exceptional 1973 wood engraving by Michael McCurdy printed on Twinrocker paper; 

Tatiana Ginsberg reports on a series of events celebrating washi in Norwich, England

Reviews: Akemi Martin ON the long-anticipated collection Washi: The Soul of Japan; Minah Song ON Aimee Lee's Hanji Unfurled; and AndreaPeterson ON Helen Hiebert's The Papermaker's Studio Guide DVD.



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