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Winter 2012

Islamic Papermaking

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About this Issue

Focus on Islamic Papermaking:

Jonathan Bloom presents acomprehensive overview of the history of paper in the Islamic lands.

Helen Loveday introduces us to thecraft of the traditional Islamic papermaker.

Yana van Dyke showcases six exquisite objects from the Islamic Collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. 

Timothy Barrett, Katharina Siedler, and Mary Louise Sullivan outline their efforts to fabricate Islamic-style papermaking equipment, prepare pulp, and produce Islamic-style sheets of paper at the University of Iowa Center for the Book. Katharina Siedler contributes a saffron-dyed, Islamic-style paper sample.

Islam Aly takes us through his project to recreate an Islamic codex from cover to cover.

Margaret Mahan describes Peace Paper’s recent efforts to establish a new papermaking center in Istanbul.

Alexandra Soteriou shares her perspective and insights on Indian papermaking.

Radha Pandey reports on the current status of the Kagzi papermaking family in Sanganer, India. Accompanied by two naturally dyed Sunn hemp paper samples made by Zakir Hussain Kagzi.

Pakistani artist Murad Khan Mumtaz discusses the contemporary practice of miniature painting.

Artists Cyrilla Mozenter and Drew Shiflett share their conversation ON working with handmade paper.

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