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Sign Up for the "Way of Washi" Workshop at the New Art Annex of Rhode Island

November 3, 2023

Art Annex RI is running a two day workshop in October that explores the wonders of Japanese paper arts.

WHAT: Way of Washi: A two-day Workshop
INSTRUCTORS: Ayako and Tomoko Yoshizumi
WHERE: Art Annex at the Hope Artiste Village, 999 Main Street Unit #109 in Pawtucket, Rhode Island
DATES: October 14 & 15

ABOUT THIS EVENT: Ayako and Tomoko Yoshizumi are coming from Japan to Rhode Island for the first time to share the the wonders of washi! This WEEKEND WORKSHOP series will take place over the course of two days. One day is not a prerequisite for the other. You can take either day on its own, or both for a complete experience.

The schedule for October 14th is:

  1. Sheet-forming with kozo fiber
  2. Uchiwa (Japanese fan) making
  3. Decorative techniques on handmade paper

The schedule for October 15th is:

  1. Sheet-forming with kozo fiber
  2. Stencil-printing with shibugami (please prepare a design idea in advance)
  3. Paper thread how to's

Tickets for either or both days can be purchased on Eventbrite.

Art Annex RI is an educational center for paper, fiber and book arts in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. To learn more about the center, visit them on Facebook or Instagram.


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