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Check out UNDERSTANDING PAPER, a new book published by the Florin Press

March 14, 2022

The Florin Press recently published Understanding Paper: Assessment and Permanence for Artists & Fine Printers, a new book by Graham Williams for artists and fine printers who are seeking ability to reliably assess the quality of papers. Understanding Paper reveals how international paper standards are unreliable and sometimes applied inappropriately by papermakers. It also discusses methods for users of paper to assess the likely lifespan of different types of paper. Williams offers assessments of 20 well-known handmade papers, as well as some mould-made and machine made papers. For more information, or to order your copy of Understanding Paper, go to  

Understanding Paper, by Graham Williams. 2021. Hardbound and standard editions. 134pp. Printed by Gomer Press Ltd, Wales. Typeset and designed by Libanus Press, cover designs by the author.