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Between Eye and Light — Washi Tales in Performance

April 9, 2021
July 15, 2020

Thank you to everyone who attended Between Eye and Light: Washi Tales in Performance, special online Zoom event to celebrate the publication of the Paper in Performance (Summer 2020) issue of Hand Papermaking magazine. If you missed it, never fear — you can watch a video of the event on Vimeo. You may also want to check out this video on Asia Society's website of the full-length 2016 performance of Recycling: Washi Tales.

“Theater is the ideal place to show the beauty and variety of washi (Japanese paper),” states Japanese paper artist Kyoko Ibe, who will join us online from Kyoto, Japan, along with theater director Elise Thoron, to share clips of their stunning performance piece Recycling: washi tales, and behind-the-scenes video footage for a closer look at their set design and production methods. In a moderated discussion with Hand Papermaking magazine editor Mina Takahashi, Ibe and Thoron will discuss why they centered their production on washi culture and Japanese papermaking, and how they harnessed the aesthetic and working properties of washi to create their evocative performance piece. The discussion will be followed by a Q&A session with the audience. Hand Papermaking board member Jazmine Catusus will be our host; this event is free and open to the public with advance registration.

Japanese paper artist Kyoko Ibe is a pioneer in using washi and traditional papermaking techniques to create fine art and contemporary design. Elise Thoron is a playwright, director, and translator, who works cross-culturally within the US and abroad. Together they wrote and produced Recycling: Washi Tales, which has been presented at numerous arts centers including New York Asia Society and Los Angeles County Museum. A performance still from Recycling: washi tales is featured on the cover of the recently published issue of Hand Papermaking (vol. 35, no. 1; Summer 2020), which includes an interview by Elise Thoron with Kyoko Ibe titled “Between Eye and Light.”

Click these links to download pdf copies of “Between Eye and Light: An Interview with Kyoko Ibe" by Elise Thoron" (from the Summer 2020 issue of Hand Papermaking) and “The Long Life of Echizen Washi" by Claire Cuccio (from the Summer 2014 issue of Hand Papermaking).

Hand Papermaking was thrilled to produce this free event and to offer an archival video of the event, along with our “Papermaking in Place” Instagram Live Events. If you’re enjoying this new distance-spanning programming, show your support by giving to our newly established Black Writers Fellowship or donating to Hand Papermaking on our website (any amount will help us continue producing this new alternative programming).