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An Updated Bibliography

March 16, 2021

This information is reprinted from the For Beginners column of Hand Papermaking Newsletter #87 (July, 2009).

In the July 1999 issue of Hand Papermaking Newsletter, we published a bibliography of books on hand papermaking. This may belie my age, or at least my tenure as a papermaker, but in 1999 I had yet to make paper or to bind a book. There has been a lot of activity in the intervening ten years—both in pulp and in publishing. The DIY (do-it-yourself) ethos and craft mentality are on the rise, which translates into a wealth of books and other resources you can access from home. As in 1999, there is no substitute for hands-on learning—for someone walking you through those first papermakers’ shakes—but in a world in which multimedia resources are increasingly accessible, we can get a little closer to expert guidance from afar. The following bibliography compiles resources released in the past ten years, with a how-to emphasis on making paper by hand.


Asuncion, Josep. The Complete Book of Papermaking. New York: Lark Books, 2003.

Bakker, Jeanette, Jill Elias, Helen Roberts Hill, and Jean Riley. Paper. San Diego, CA: Thunder Bay Press, 2006.

Couzins-Scott, Elizabeth. Craft Workshop: Papermaking. London: Southwater, 2002.

Dawson, Sophie. The Art and Craft of Papermaking: Step-by-Step Instructions for Creating Distinctive Handmade Paper. New York: Sterling, 1999.

Hiebert, Helen. Paper Illuminated. North Adams, MA: Storey Publishing LLC, 2001.

Hiebert, Helen. Papermaking with Garden Plants & Common Weeds. North Adams, MA: Storey Publishing LLC, 2006.

Hiebert, Helen. The Papermaker’s Companion: The Ultimate Guide to Making and Using Handmade Paper. Pownal, VT: Storey Publishing, LLC, 2000.

Kaar, Joanne. Papermaking and Bookbinding: Coastal Inspirations. Lewes, East Sussex: Guild of Master Craftsman, 2003.

Lamb, Elspeth. Papermaking for Printmakers. London: A. & C. Black, 2006.

Lee, Claudia. The Weekend Crafter: Papermaking: Beautiful Papers and Projects to Make in a Weekend. New York: Lark Books, 2001.

Lockie, Ellaraine. The Gourmet Paper Maker. Minnetonka, MN: Creative Publishing International, 2001.

Lorente, Marie-Jeanne. The Art of Papermaking with Plants. New York: W.W. Norton & Co., 2004.

Plowman, John. Papermaking Techniques Book: Over 50 Techniques for Making and Embellishing Handmade Paper. London: Quantu, Books, 2007.

Rainey, Rhonda. Papermaking for the First Time. New York: Sterling, 2004.

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Reimer-Epp, Heidi, and Mary Reimer. Encyclopedia of Papermaking and Bookbinding: The Definitive Guide to Making, Embellishing, and Repairing Paper, Books, and Scrapbooks. Philadelphia: Running Press, 2002.


Amlie, Lynn. Ergonomics of Hand Papermaking. Iowa City, IA: University of Iowa Center for the Book.

Barrett, Tim. Papermaking Instructional Videos. Iowa City, IA: University of Iowa Center for the Book. (Includes Japanese and Western Papermaking series.)

Nash, Catherine. Papermaking in the Classroom, Volumes 1 & 2, Tucson, AZ: Papermaking Resources / Nash/Renfrow Productions, 2003.

Nash, Catherine. The Papermaking Workshop, Volumes 1 & 2, Tucson, AZ: Papermaking Resources / Nash/Renfrow Productions, 2004 & 2007.

Thomas, Peter. The Ergonomics of Hand Papermaking or How to Make Paper Without Getting a Sore Back. Santa Cruz, CA: Peter and Donna Thomas, 2000.


Email Lists/Blogs: Yahoo Papermaking Group, Yahoo Hollander Beaters Group, Yahoo Friends of Dard Hunter Group, Friends of Dard Hunter Blog (

Nash, Catherine. Beater Finesse: 32 Beater Notes from 25 International Artists - A Comparative Study. Tucson, AZ: Papermaking Resources / Nash/Renfrow Productions, 2008 (

YouTube: Search “papermaking” to turn up a list of hundreds of short Internet videos demonstrating papermaking techniques around the world. Content constantly changing. You can rely on user ratings to guide your viewing.


While this bibliography is intended as a jumping-off guide, and I have aimed for a comprehensive list, don’t let this deter you from doing your own research! While compiling this list, I found a reference to an issue of The Compleat Anachronist devoted to papermaking (The Society for Creative Anachronism, 1999). I was also amused by the full title line for an article geared towards the commercial paper industry: “Papermaking in 2035: what will the paper machine look like? If you expect paper machines to resemble something out of Star Wars anytime soon, you may want to try another theater. Yet 30 years from now individual components of the paper machine may look and operate quite differently than they do today” [Atkins, Jim, in Solutions—for People, Processes and Paper (Paper Industry Management Association, 2003)]. That is food for thought.

Finally, I encourage you to submit any book, video, electronic, or other documentation from the past ten years that I may have missed for inclusion in the web version of this column. Email, or write via postal mail to the Hand Papermaking address.

by Mary Tasillo