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Watermarks in Handmade Paper: Modern and Historic


Watermarks in Handmade Paper: Modern and Historic

Presents seventeen watermarked sheets—five were formed on historic moulds, twelve were produced especially for this edition, in folders with die-cut openings on both sides. Helen Hiebert wrote the essay.

This juried collection features seventeen watermarked sheets of handmade paper, each in a protective folder imprinted with the artist’s name. Numerous techniques are represented, including light-and-shade, wire, stencil, photo silkscreen, and puffy paint. Five of the sheets were formed on historic moulds, and twelve are contemporary papers designed and produced especially for this edition. The folders for these twelve have a die-cut opening on both sides, allowing light to shine through the piece without removing it from its enclosure. A custom-made clamshell box houses the folders as well as a handbound booklet containing statements from each artist and a commissioned essay by Helen Hiebert.

Artists in the portfolio: Shannon Brock, Wendy Cain, Kathryn and Howard Clark, Fabriano Papermill, Paul Denhoed, Dard Hunter III, Rick Johnson, Kristin Kavanagh, Tom Leech, Katie MacGregor and Bernie Vinzani, Brian Queen, Robbin Ami Silverberg, Mina Takahashi, Peter Thomas, Cynthia Thompson, and Gangolf Ulbricht.

The edition of 150 is sold out.

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Juried by: Simon Green, Helen Hiebert, and Rick Johnson.

Designed by Steve Miller. Edited by Michael Durgin.

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