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Opacity and Translucency: Letterpress Printing on Handmade Paper


Opacity and Translucency: Letterpress Printing on Handmade Paper

With sensitive interaction between paper and printing, these works of art either break new ground or exemplify the finest traditional techniques. Essay by Michael Peich of Aralia Press.

A unique collection of individual and collaborative efforts featuring creative interaction between the paper and the printing, resulting in works of art that break new ground and exemplify the finest traditional techniques.

Sixteen juried works produced by thirty-two respected papermakers and printers are showcased in a custom clamshell box produced by BookLab. Accompanied by a booklet containing statements from each of the artists and a commissioned essay by Sandra Kirshenbaum (editor of Fine Print).

Artists in the portfolio: Neal Bonham & Suzanne Ferris, Inge Bruggeman & Bridget O’Malley, Kathryn & Howard Clark & Brenda L. Kessler & William Matthews, Amanda Degener & Wilber Schilling, Tad DuBois, Karla Payne Elling & Alberto Rios, Jules Remedios Faye & Christopher Stern & Jeff Hafford, Gordon Fluke, Janice Frey & Jana Pullman, Peter Kruty & Robin Ami Silverberg, Tom Leech, Yehuda Miklaf & Natan Kaaren & Catharina Sonn-Kaaren, Luke Ives Pontifell, John Risseeuw, Peter & Donna Thomas, Paul Wong & Ann Noonan & Joe Elliot.

Juried by Cathleen A. Baker (Dard Hunter biographer), Margaret Ahrens Sahlstrand (paper and book artist, professor emeritus at Central Washington University, and proprietor of ICOSA Studio and Papermill), and Michael Peich (proprietor of Aralia Press, a literary fine press, at West Chester University, PA).

The edition of 150 is now sold out.

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Designed by Steve Miller. Edited by Michael Durgin.

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