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Emerging and established artists partner as equals to create fifteen works. Essay by curator Tatiana Ginsberg.

In 2016 Hand Papermaking celebrated its 30th anniversary. Throughout the year, 15 collaborations were underway in studios worldwide. Established paper artists who were active in the field around the time Hand Papermaking was founded teamed up with emerging paper artists who were born around the time Hand Papermaking was founded. These 30 artists partnered as equals to explore the interdependence and reciprocity of a constructive relationship between generations.

Our intergenerational experiment sought to consciously de-emphasize didactic mentor/student dynamics in favor of a creative melding of unique and vital perspectives in contemporary paper. The finished paperworks convey the spirit of youthful energy interacting on equal footing with the wisdom of experience. Each pair of artists determined how to express these concepts visually through their work in paper.

A custom-made clamshell box houses the work, each in a protective folder imprinted with the artists’ names. A handbound booklet, with letterpress-printed cover, contains statements from the artists, details about each piece, and a commissioned essay by Tatiana Ginsberg.

The 15 collaborative teams are:
Tom Balbo & May Babcock, Velma Bolyard & Genevieve Lapp, Melissa Jay Craig & Katharine Delamater, Michael Durgin & Yang Changhe, Sue Gosin & Lara Henderson, Joan Hall & Sarah Rose Lejeune, Mary Hark & Ibrahim Mahama, Tana Kellner & Emily Chaplain, Tom Leech & Lindsey Fromm, Julie McLaughlin & Johan Solberg, Catherine Nash & Radha Pandey, Peter Sowiski & Flora Shum, Peter Thomas & Jillian Bruschera, Bernie Vinzani & Emma Sovich, Gibby Waitzkin & Jennaway Pearson.

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The portfolio was curated and overseen by Tatiana Ginsberg, and edited by Mina Takahashi, with design and letterpress-printed wrappers by Steve Miller.

All proceeds benefit Hand Papermaking, Inc., a non-profit organization dedicated to advancing the traditions and contemporary developments of handmade paper and paper art.

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