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Handmade Paper in Motion


Handmade Paper in Motion

A lively group of pop-ups, movable devices, and other forms of dynamic paper engineering enhanced physically and conceptually by the use of hand-made paper. Moveable Book Society founder Ann Montanaro wrote the essay.

This extraordinary assortment of collaborative artwork—14 pieces by 28 artists—features pop-ups, movable devices, and other forms of dynamic paper engineering. The motion and imagery is enhanced physically and conceptually by the use of handmade paper designed and made specifically for each edition.

The movable elements are as captivating as an African mask or a working sundial, as intriguing as a sealed packet or a ‘magic window’ into plant fiber mysteries, as surprising as a spilled ink bottle or a jar of snakes! Imaging techniques include suminagashi marbling, woodcut, linocut, letterpress, pochoir, pulp painting, and screenprint. The paper is enhanced with watermarks, natural inclusions, double couching, multi-colored pulps, and other innovative methods. The artists incorporate a wide variety of paper fibers. Some are utilitarian and traditional such as cotton, abaca, and flax; others are more unusual such as yucca, gingko, and bamboo. A custom-made clamshell box houses the work, each in a protective folder imprinted with the artists’ names.

A handbound booklet contains statements from each artist and a commissioned essay by well-known pop-up collector and author Ann Montanaro, who founded the Movable Book Society.

Artists in the portfolio, both juried and invited, are: Richard Aldorasi & Colette Fu, Tom Balbo & Michael Durgin, Michelle Bayer & Kyle Olmon,Rachelle Chuang & Joan Michaels Paque, Helen Hiebert & Betsy Cluff, Amy Jacobs & Philip Bell, Jeanne Jaffe & Alisa Fox & Hedi Kyle, Tom Leech & Sally Blakemore, Bridget O’Malley & Emily Martin, Margaret Prentice & Ed Hutchins, Winnie Radolan & Pamela Wood, Erin Robin & Mary Tasillo, Shawn Sheehy, Lynn Sures & Carol Barton.

Our four jurors are renowned in the world of papermaking and paper engineering. Robert Sabuda has over five million pop-up books in print. Margaret Prentice is an avid collector of pop-upsand co-founded Twinrocker Handmade Paper back in 1971. Bonnie Stahlecker has taught and lecturedon artist books and dimensional graphics for decades and has a background in papermaking. Carol Barton is an artist and teacher best known for her Pocket Paper Engineer how-to guides.

The portfolio designer is Steve Miller, and the editor is Mina Takahashi.

All proceeds from sales of Handmade Paper in Motion benefit Hand Papermaking, Inc., a non-profit organization dedicated to advancing traditional and contemporary ideas in the art of hand papermaking.

The edition is limited to 150.

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This portfolio was printed by Todd Allan Printing, Beltsville, Maryland, on Cougar Opaque Text paper in Garamond types. The Canson wrappers were letterpress printed by Steve Miller. The image on the wrapper and title page was pulled from the work entitled Hesperana, by Shawn Sheehy. Judi Conant completed the binding and made the boxes.

Hand Papermaking sincerely appreciates the considerable efforts and generous spirit of the Handmade Paper in Motion artists, jurors, essayist, and designer. We also acknowledge the vital support of Cathleen A. Baker, Tom Balbo, Timothy Barrett, Sid Berger & Mich.le Cloonan, Inge Bruggeman, Tom & Lore Burger, Greg Campbell, Jeffrey Cooper, Jim Escalante, Jane Farmer, The Fifth Floor Foundation, Helen Frederick, Lois & Gordon James, Barbara Lippman, David Marshall, Peter Newland & Robyn Johnson, Andrea Peterson, John L. Risseeuw, Laura M. Roe, Ingrid Rose, Kimberly Schenck, Gordon & Roswitha Smale, Robert J. Strauss, Nancy & Mark Tomasko, Gibby Waitzkin, Beck Whitehead, Pamela & Gary Wood.

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