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Design and Pattern in Decorated Papers: Wet and Dry Techniques


Design and Pattern in Decorated Papers: Wet and Dry Techniques

Twenty-one artists participated in this initial venture, showcasing marbling, paste paper, and other techniques for decorating paper. The essay was written by Sanrdra Kroupa.

This compilation of distinctive handmade papers features some of the finest decorated papers being produced today, showcasing innovative new techniques in the medium of paper. Twenty-one juried papers–some by individual artists, some collaborative efforts–demonstrate techniques applied to the paper surface or inherent in the paper pulp. Based on historic traditions with a contemporary dynamic, the methods employed include marbling, paste paper, pulp painting, embossing, embedding, dyeing, pigmenting, and others difficult to categorize.

A custom-made clamshell box houses the papers, each in a protective folder imprinted with the artist’s name. A handbound booklet contains statements from each artist and a commissioned essay by Sandra Kroupa, Book Arts Librarian in the Special Collections & Preservation Division of University of Washington Libraries.

Artists in the portfolio: Neal Bonham, Virginia Buchan, Kathy Crump, James T. Downey, Dana Draper, Ingrid Butler Draper, Richard Flavin, Polly Fox, Don Guyot, Richard Hungerford, David Kimball, Donna Koretsky, Susan Kristoferson, Nora Ligorano, Barbara Lippman, Wendy Franklund Miller, Sharon Morehouse, Bridget O’Malley, Margaret Ahrens Sahlstrand, Peggy Skycraft, Gloria Zmolek Smith, Annie Tremmel Wilcox, Marilyn Wold.

Juried by: Cathleen Baker, Timothy Barrett, Michael Durgin, Margaret Ahrens Sahlstrand, and Marilyn Sward.

Designed by Steve Miller. Edited by Michael Durgin.

The edition of 150 is now sold out.

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