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From the Silk Road


Poetry Broadside by poet

Bernie Vinzani

, papermaker

Bernie Vinzani

, and printmaker

Kerri Cushman

The 2015 broadside was produced in collaboration between prominent papermaker Bernie Vinzani and printed by Longwood University Professor Kerri Cushman along with students Laura Kahler and Amanda Mixner. The imagery is a cross-sectional diagram of the papermaking process—small yellow shapes representing paper pulp going through a beater. The handmade paper features a watermark image and poem by Vinzani, who coordinates the book arts program at University of Maine at Machias. The broadside is double-layered, with a white sheet backed by a thicker gray sheet. The image was redrawn from a diagram in the 1929 book "Modern Papermaking." The letterpressed poem "From the Silk Road," was inspired by a trip Vinzani took to Xian, China, where papermaking originated and the Silk Road begins. Edition of 100.

Read about in the Farmville Herald

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