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Summer 2012


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Dave Reina shares his story of designing and building a hardware-store beater.

Carriage House contributes a paper sample made from the first test run of the hardware-store beater.

Loreto D. Apilado describes eco-ergonomic cooking equipment he fabricated for a women’s cooperative in the Philippines.

Aimee Lee outlines Korean hanji papermaking equipment she installed at Cleveland’s Morgan Conservatory, accompanied by a paper sample of Morgan hanji.

Suzanne Sawyer discusses antique and contemporary flax brakes for processing flax from field to paper.

Timothy Moore offers detailed drawings of his mould-making loom and encourages others to try their hand at making paper moulds.  

Brian Queen explains how he uses a computer-driven laser cutter to make chiaroscuro watermarks.

Gibby Waitzkin gives us a tour of her green papermaking studio.

Maggie Puckett reports on her research on setting up an outdoor, oceanside studio for seawater papermaking.

Jonathan Korejko introduces us to two commercial paper mills in the UK.

Peter Thomas ON Cheney Pulp and Paper Company.

Simon Barcham Green ON Capellades Paper Mill Museum.

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