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Hand Papermaking's Summer 2015 magazine explores 3D/sculptural paper and features a letterpress-printed pop-up!

Number 11 in our portfolio series explores an intriguing concept: Negative Space.
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The Winter 2014 issue, by guest editor Michael Durgin, focused on China, including 3 paper samples. Our Summer 2014 issue explored paper storytelling, with a rich collection of folklore, myths, songs, poems, etc.

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Handmade Paper: Fiber Exposed!  is number ten in our series of portfolios. View photos here and place your order now. Our ninth portfolio, Handmade Paper in Motion, features pop-ups and other forms of innovative paper engineering. Calligraphy and Handmade Paper is number eight in the series. Order yours while they last. The Art of Pulp Painting and Innovative Printmaking are also still available. Ask about standing order discounts.

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The Winter 2013 magazine looked at our field's “knowledge custodians”— individuals and institutions who accumulate and propagate the skills and traditions of handmade paper. Our Summer 2013 magazine was a jam-packed issue produced in the spirit of a community cookbook, preserving and sharing treasured paper recipes, tips, advice, DIY plans, etc.

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