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HP25Dear Friends and Subscribers,

I chair the committee of Hand Papermaking’s board of directors that worked on a project called “Hand Papermaking 25” to commemorate our anniversary. This special publication brought together 25 paper artists who previously appeared in Hand Papermaking magazine. Each represents a particular year when they were featured; each produced a distinctive new paper specimen.

These noteworthy contributors to the advancement of the field were asked to write a short text reflecting on their magazine article, and the evolution of their work from that year to the present. This statement appears with a 4x4 sample of the handmade paper they produced for this project, along with a description addressing the materials and techniques they employed. The book includes a preface by Tom Bannister and an introductory essay by Michael Durgin, one spread for each of the 25 artists, and some concluding remarks. Each copy in the edition of 1000 is bound into a letterpress printed cover commissioned from one of four distinguished mills.

HP25 x 4“Hand Papermaking 25” sells for $65 per copy. A special price of $50 each is offered to those who purchase four copies, with unique covers from four different mills. Postage is $4 in North America and $9 overseas. You can order online or call 800-821-6604 or mail a check to Box 1070, Beltsville, MD 20704. Please support Hand Papermaking. Thank you!

Andrea Peterson
Laporte, Indiana

P.S. The 25 artists featured are Amanda Degener, Kathryn and Howard Clark, Richard Flavin, Helmut Becker, Anne Vilsboll, Susan Gosin, Margaret Sahlstrand, Asao Shimura, Neil Bonham, Margaret Prentice, Katie MacGregor and Bernie Vinzani, Beck Whitehead, Tim Barrett, Mark Lander, Peter Thomas, Karen Stahlecker, Beverly Sky, Tom Leech, John Risseeuw, Elaine and Donna Koretsky, Helen Hiebert, Paul Denhoed, Helen Frederick, Roberto Mannino, and Steve Miller.

Production of this edition is an enormous task. See an update on Lorrie Abdo's blog. Thanks to all the dedicated volunteers who are making the project possible.